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Please remember to record only minutes that have been read outside of the classroom.  You may count any classroom assigned reading that is done outside of the classroom in addition to any reading for general enjoyment.

 To earn prizes, LRC l, ll,and KG-2nd grade students must read 120 minutes each week, and 3rd-5th  grade students must read 180 minutes each week:

WeekTarget Minutes
KG-2nd grade
Target Minutes
3rd-5th grade
Prizes Awarded
Week 1:  1/13 - 1/19 120 180 Button & Bookmark.
Week 2:  1/20 - 1/26 240 cumulative 360 cumulative Pencil & Bouncy Ball.
Week 3:  1/27 - 2/02 360 cumulative 540 cumulative Stamp & Sticky Mitten
Week 4:  2/03 - 2/09 480 cumulative 720 cumulative Book
Bookworm Level 840 cumulative 1,080 cumulative  

Minutes assume students read 6 days per week, 20 min per day LRC and K-2nd, 30 min per day 3rd-5th
**The Bookworm Level assumes an extra 15 min per day for each grade level**


In addition to the above prizes, we also have these great incentives to read even more:


Class Reading Contest      

We will have a friendly competition between the classes in each grade. The class that reads the most minutes per student will earn an ice cream party. We will keep the students posted each week.

Bookworm Level

The bookworm level is an optional challenge level.  All students who achieve this level will have their name entered in a drawing for a chance to win a Barnes & Noble gift card.  Once the bookworm level is achieved, the students need to read 90 minutes per week to ensure that their name continues to be entered weekly.  Two Bookworms per grade will be drawn as winners.


Grade Level Challenge

We will have a friendly contest between classes.  At the end of the program,  the class in each grade with the most minutes will win a  classroom Pizza Party in the cafe during lunch time. Winners will be announced at the conclusion of Eager Reader.