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Frequently Asked Questions

What if we have no access to log minutes online?

If you do not have access to a computer and internet connection at home, not to worry! Use the paper minutes log to track your child’s minutes. Then talk to your classroom Eager Reader representative and they will help you.


Who receives the email if my student logs his/her own minutes?

All parents who are listed in the PTSA website account for a particular child will receive the notification emails, and any of those parents will be able to login and approve the minutes for that child.


How long after my child enters his/her minutes does it take for the parent to receive the email?

Parents will receive an email within 24 hours of when their child has entered the minutes.  However, parents do not have to wait for the email to arrive in order to approve the minutes. They can just go directly to the PTSA website at any time to approve minutes.


Will my child receive a prize every week?

If your grade K-2 child reads at least 120 minutes each week, and grade 3-5 children 180 minutes, yes, they will receive a prize every week.  However, those that read less each week, or less in some weeks, will still earn prizes as they reach the targets.


What if I forget to approve my childs minutes by Sunday at 10pm? Will those minutes still count?

If minutes are not entered and approved by Sunday at 10pm for a given week the minutes will not count for that week.  However, the minutes will be counted in the following week after they are approved by a parent.


Can my child start participating after the program has begun?

Absolutely!  There are prizes all along the way during the 4 week period.  So even if your child is unable to earn a prize for each level, he or she may be able to complete a few prize levels before the end of the program. 


Can my child record minutes if I read to him/her?

Yes.  No matter what grade your child is in, you may record minutes you read to him/her.


Do minutes read in the classroom count?

No.  Minutes read during classroom time do not count. The program is designed to get kids reading on a regular basis and not just in the classroom.


Do minutes read on a Kindle, Nook, iPad or other electronic reading device count?

Absolutely! Count these minutes just as you would with any other paper book!


Do you get credit for listening to audio books?

No. Eager Reader is an incentive reading program and we would like to have a book present.  Either your child reads independently or with another person who is reading to them.


What kind of books can my child earn through this program?

All the books cover a wide range of interests and reading levels.  A child may select a book from whatever is available.  Volunteers will be able to assist your child in making their selection.  Book selection will be Monday, February 6, at lunch.


If my child gets close to the final prize level, will they be included in the school wide event?

Absolutely! To be fair to all students, we have a school wide goal of 500,000 minutes.  We do not want to dishearten any child and at the same time want to encourage them to complete the program.


What is the Bookworm level and how can my child get to this level?

Just choosing to participate in the Eager Reader program is a great thing and we recognize that every child will have a different goal for him/herself for the program.  The Bookworm level is an optional challenge level for the kids.  The Bookworm level can be completed by reading an additional 15 minutes a day for a student’s grade level.  All students who achieve this level will have their name entered in a drawing for a chance to win Barnes & Noble gift cards. We will draw two names per grade level.


What happens if my child doesn’t receive the correct prize?

Have your child tell the teacher, who will get a message to the Eager Reader Team.  Mistakes happen occasionally, but we try to correct them immediately so no one is disappointed.


Who pays for Eager Reader?

PTSA is a major donor to the program.  We supplement the prize list with donations from local businesses.  We appreciate our parents thanking sponsors when they cash in the prizes.


What happens if my child makes it past the weekly minutes of week 4 in say week 2?  Will he/she get week 4 prizes in Week 2?

The students will bring home prizes assigned for that week only.  (In this example, week 2 prizes)  Encourage them to continue reading to reach the Bookworm level.  


My child reaches the Bookworm level in say week 2.  Can they still log their minutes?

Absolutely!  When your child reaches the Bookworm level, their name gets entered in a drawing for a chance to win a gift card.  Once the Bookworm level is achieved, the students need to read 90 minutes per week (15 additional minutes/day) to ensure that their name continues to be entered weekly.  The students will receive a ticket stub to show they have been entered for that week.