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What is the science fair? A science fair is an opportunity for any student to explore a science topic of their own choosing. Students work on their science project at home and then they display and share their work at the fair on the evening of April 16th. Participation is optional for all grades and is on a first come first serve basis. The evening event is an opportunity for the whole family to explore student projects, and explore interactive science exhibits. 



  Register to participate. All young scientists wishing to participate must register in advance  through this online form. We strongly encourage early registration in order to reserve your space and your project board as we only have space for 70 students.

Final registration deadline is Sunday, March 31st

Register for the Science Fair: This year there will be a $15 registration fee in order to participate in the fair. Nearly all young scientists will need a project board to display their work. This fee does include the board if you require one. The Cascade Ridge PTSA will deliver them straight to your child's classroom for your convenience. 


Projects should be student driven. Project ideas should come from the students and the effort should be driven by them. Parents should use their best judgment when deciding how much to help. For example, parents should get involved when there is a potential safety issue. Also, for younger students, parents may need to provide extra guidance. But either way, it is important that all students truly be able to call the project their own.


Working with someone else. All students have the option to work independently or with one or more partners, such as classmates, siblings, or friends.


Need help choosing a topic? When it comes to choosing a topic, the sky is the limit! What have you wondered about? The best topics come from your own genuine curiosity about how something works, or why something is the way that it is. But if you have trouble thinking of something on your own, we have a great page full of resources to help you choose a topic.

   Judging and awards. Our science fair is non-competitive, as our goal is simply to encourage scientific  exploration and discovery and promote a deep lifelong passion for science. NO prizes will be awarded.