PTSA VP of Communications


The VP of Communications oversees the following Stand and Ad Hoc committees:


* Standing Committees

o Monthly Howler Newsletter

o Cascade Ridge enews (twice monthly)

o Website

o Yearbook

o Bulletin Board


* Ad Hoc Committees

o Directory

o Online Packets

o Parentwiser

o Reader Board

o Facebook


In addition to overseeing these committees, the VP of Communications should maintain a “big picture” view of communications activities and possible master calendar conflicts. This VP should assist all committee chairs in making use of the communication tools available to publicize their event or project. This may mean helping them write articles, develop flyers, etc. with an eye to overall consistency in approach. This VP also oversees implementation of all publicity related to the Cascade Ride PTSA, such as signage, bulletin board postings and revises the format, layout and content of the Cascade Ridge Howler newsletter each month.

Revised 1/10/2017