School Supply Pickup
On Wednesday, January 6th, Cascade Ridge will be facilitating an instructional materials pick-up. We have made a change in the pick-up location. Pick-up will now take place at the bus loop near the covered basketball court and sand field on the right side of the school.
All grade levels have will have instructional materials to pick up. Families may arrive anytime between 8:00 and 4:00 on Wednesday, January 6th. There are no designated time slots for this pick-up. Please remain in your vehicle and pull up to turn in the bus loop. NO WALKERS PLEASE.
Please print a sign listing your student's first name, last name, teacher, and grade. Be prepared to hand this out the front passenger window to the staff. We will then gather the materials and pass them to you through the front passenger window. If you do not want to roll your windows down, place your sign in your trunk and pop it open once you have stopped.