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Judging and awards

You get to vote!


Judges will meet the participating students during the school hours for a one-on-one presentation of their project.  All students are awarded a ribbon and receive the judge’s comment card that highlights where the student really excelled.  Students will be awarded a Blue Ribbon for the following categories: “Magnificent Method Award”, “Remarkable Results Award”, “Terrific Topic Award”, or the “Dazzling Display Award”.

The Super Scientist Awards

You get to vote! All students and teachers can cast their vote during the day, for the following 5 categories: 

(1)    Coolest Display

(2)    Most Unique Topic

(3)    Most Disgusting

(4)    Most Relevant to My Everyday Life

(5)    “The Earth Award”: Greatest Impact in Helping the Earth.

 There will be an award given for each of these five categories for grades K – 2 and similarly for grades 3 – 5.