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Judging and awards


Judges will meet the participating students during the school hours for a one-on-one presentation of their project.  All students are awarded a ribbon and receive the judge’s comment card that highlights where the student really excelled.  Students will be awarded a Blue Ribbon for the following categories: “Magnificent Method Award”, “Remarkable Results Award”, “Terrific Topic Award”, or the “Dazzling Display Award”.

The Super Scientist Awards

Volunteer judges will cast their votes for the following categories:

(1)    Coolest Display

(2)    Most Unique Topic

(3)    Most Disgusting

(4)    Most Relevant to My Everyday Life

(5)    “The Earth Award”: Greatest Impact in Helping the Earth.

 There will be an award given for each of these five categories for grades K – 2 and similarly for grades 3 – 5.