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Grade Level Spelling Bees
Tue. February 4 5:30pm Kindergarten
Wed. February 5 5:30pm 1st grade
Thu. February 6 5:30pm 2nd grade
Tue. February 4 7:00pm 3rd grade
Wed. February 5 7:00pm 4th grade
Thu. February 6 7:00pm 5th grade
All students wishing to participate
must register by  January 31!

Registration is now open for students to join the spelling fun at the 4th Annual Cascade Ridge Spelling Bee.  All grades are welcome to join in this friendly competition of oral spelling ability.

Participants will take the stage one at a time and will be asked to spell a word out loud.  (Students will repeat the word, spell it, and repeat the word again.)  Each correctly spelled word earns a trip to the next round.  The bee ends when there is just one speller standing!

The bee will take place over three evenings to accommodate each  grade (please see the schedule above).  Any student may  participate but must pre-register  online here by January 31, 2014.  This year we are pleased to announce the school’s enrollment with Scripps National Spelling Bee.  Our word study lists and spelling bee word lists will now benefit from many of the new resources.

Complete rules are available online, as well as tips and  practice word lists.

Questions?  Feedback?  Contact spellingbee@cascaderidgeptsa.org.