Schedule and Registration

Cascade Ridge PTSA partners with the Issaquah School District to schedule a variety of before- and after-school programs that offer meaningful enrichment activities for our students.  These classes extend the learning day and provide children with various opportunities to tap into their interests and be engaged in programs that are educational as well as recreational.

General Information: Enrichment classes are offered fall, winter, and spring.  They are held before or after school. Enrichment classes will be held only on days when school is in session.  Each class is run by an external vendor and parents will register directly with that vendor.  Guardians are responsible for vetting classes and instructors.

Refund Policy: Refund and class make-up policies will be set by the vendor providing the class.  Please ensure you are aware of the vendor’s refund and make-up policies before registering for a class.  Please note that because most classes are only offered once per week, make-up classes typically will not be available.

Registration: All registrations will be on “first come, first served” basis.  Registration can be found under 2019 Spring Schedule.

Cancellations: A class may be canceled in its entirety due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances.  Refunds will be issued in this case.

Logistics:  All classes are held on the Cascade Ridge campus.  


Students are dropped off outside of their classes.  Before-school classes will release students outside to line up with their class.

Coyote Club before school: Parents can drop students off directly at the program OR at Coyote Club.  If parents drop their student off at Coyote Club, Coyote Club can send them to their class, but parents must let Coyote Club know which class their child is enrolled in.  Coyote Club is not responsible for ensuring that students attend their classes.  After class, students are released outside to line up with their class.


Students go to class after school.  Teachers are not responsible for ensuring that students go to their enrichment programs.  After class, parents pick students up outside of their classroom doors.

Coyote Club students after school: Students must check into Coyote Club first before going to their classroom.  Coyote Club is not responsible for ensuring that students attend their enrichment programs.  After their program, they can go back to Coyote Club.


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Schedule and Registration