The President leads the Executive Committee/Board and the PTSA. The Executive Committee/Board is the main decision-making body and legal representative of the Cascade Ridge PTSA. Full job description

 AJ Henderson

Stephanie Middleton


Executive Vice President
The Executive Vice President (EVP) shall assist the President when called upon and shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve. In case of a vacancy in the office of President, the Executive Vice President shall temporarily assume the duties until the vacancy is filled. Full job description
Executive Vice President Amy Hayes
The Treasurer shall serve as an active participant on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee and attend all the meetings of each. He/she should also serve as chairman of the budget committee and present the budget to the membership. Full job description
Treasurer Lisa Righetti
The Secretary’s responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following. Take meeting minutes at all Executive Committee, Board, and General meetings. Keep copies of all minutes in the Archive notebook. Full job description
Secretary Sandy McNees
VP of Communications
This person oversees the following Standing and Ad Hoc committees: Monthly Howler Newsletter, Weekly Connection, Website, Yearbook, Parent Ed/Special Services, Bulletin Board, Directory, and First Day Packets. Full job description
VP of Communications Swati Jain
VP of Community Relations
This person oversees the following Standing and Ad Hoc committees: Baking Committee, Staff Appreciation, Hospitality Committee, Family Fun Nights, Winterfest, Dad’s Play Day at School, and Business Days/Popsicle Social. Full job description
VP of Community Relations Paula Koransky
VP of Fundraising
This person oversees the following Standing and Ad Hoc committees: Popcorn, Passive Fundraisers, Matching Funds, Walkathon, Auction, Book Fair, Coyote Wear, Gift Wrap, and School Supplies. Full job description
VP of Fundraising

Holly Briscoe

Angela Fishe

VP of Programs
The primary role is to serve as a support person for the chairs of the following standing and ad hoc committees: Art Docents, Science Docents, Eager Reader, Gift-A-Book Club, K Kids, Destination Imagination, Reflections, Science Fair, Caring Through Sharing, and Fine Arts Night. Full job description
VP of Programs

Andrea Obert

Tiffany Parker

VP of Volunteers
It is the VP of Volunteers’ job to recruit the large volunteer corps that supports our PTSA programs and in conjunction with the other members of the EC/B, ensure that our volunteers receive an appropriate level of recognition and appreciation for their time and effort. Full job description
VP of Volunteers Susan Ho
Fifth Grade Committee Chair
The Fifth Grade Committee Chairperson is a member of the Cascade Ridge PTSA Board of Directors and is responsible for the coordination of all PTSA activities related to fifth grade, the fifth grade committee, and helping Cascade Ridge staff with the coordination of Environmental Camp and Cast-Off. Chairperson acts as a liaison between PTSA and Administration/ASB. Chairperson shall attend the monthly Board meetings.                         Full job description
Fifth Grade Committee Chair

Sandy McNees

April Gregory

Legislative Representative
The Legislative Chair will work to keep the Executive Committee and membership appraised of key State and local legislative issues and seek the committee’s input if necessary. If appropriate, this may also require enlisting other members to help advocate for issues or building relationships outside of the PTSA in the community to work collaboratively on issues. Full job description
Legislative Representative Carrie Lam