May 2017 Staff Appreciation Week

Weekly themes for students

Monday, May 1st - Make Them Smile Monday: students write a thank you note or a poem for their teacher and/or ANY staff member they feel connected to.

Tuesday, May 2nd - Treat Day Tuesday:  students bring in a treat, homemade or store bought for their teacher and/or ANY staff member they feel connected to.

Wednesday, May 3rd - "Wildly Colorful Wednesday"students wear their teachers favorite color.  This is also Specialist Day.  PTSA will recognize each specialist/non-teacher staff member with a $1 lotto ticket and treat in their mailbox "Thanks a Million for all you do!" 

Thursday, May 4th - Book Dedication Thursday. "A book is a gift you can open again and again. ~ Garrison Keillor 
Have your child dedicate their favorite grade level book to their teacher's library.  The book can be new or gently used.  The child can write a short dedication to their teacher on the inside cover and sign it.  As an alternative students can give teachers gift cards to purchase books (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc).  Please ask the student to be mindful of what books the classroom library needs and to be sure they are donating grade level appropriate books.  Also consider books by male authors or books with boys as the main character.  It is a school wide initiative to build our libraries with more books for boys written by male authors.

Friday, May 5th - "Favorite Things Friday" - bring your teacher one of their favorite things from their favorite things page on the PTSA website.


Cascade Ridge teachers and staff were invited to share some

things they love and things that  they hold dear so we

can shower them with joy and “happies” throughout the year!


Click on the links below to see a list of your

teacher's favorite things.





Tia Kleinkopf


 July 10

Kathy Keegan

Dean of Students

 September 23

Lisa Lo

Principal’s Secretary


Donna Cleary

School Secretary

 November 18

Toni Osotio


 February 22

Angela Schubbe


 August 12

Mackenzie Lee


 June 22

Raelyn Bass

1st Grade

 July 26

Becky Quinton

1st Grade

 April 2

Kendall Poppe

1st Grade

 December 29

Jessica Ackley

Shelby Ackley

1st Grade

1st Grade

 May 14

July 16

Ilene DeRemer

2nd Grade

 February 18

Rumpy Jayaraman

2nd Grade

 Sept 12

Kari Perkin

2nd Grade

 January 29

Patrick Marckx

2nd Grade

 February 5

Marilyn Jochim

3rd Grade

December 5 

Dana Shawver

3rd Grade

July 10 

Demetra Trull

3rd Grade

March 14 

Quinn Christensen

4th Grade

 March 6

Madyson Wilson

4th Grade

March 8 

Kaylee Goree-Ndiaye

4th Grade

October 28 

Lynette Springborn

4th Grade

February 3 

Alexandra Norton

5th Grade

March 30 

Megan Calamaras

5th Grade

 Oct 7

Cheyen Herseth

5th Grade

 February 13

Jenny Schaffer

5th Grade

 October 21

Bird Christin

Science Technology

 May 25

Jilian Murdock

Science Technology

 December 8

Zana Moore


January 16 

Pat Corra

P.E./Reading Explorers

September 22 

Braden Richey


 May 29

Bret Dunham


January 5 

April Cound


January 16

Sarah Lichtenberger


January 10

Sherrie McLoughlin

Special Education Staff LRC 2

June 6 

Mackenzie Peerboom

Special Education Staff LRC 2

 August 11

Margaret Rauch


Dec 6

Sharon Roy


 April 4

Natalie Watters

Student Support/ Counselor

 April 23

Tammy Westmoreland

Literacy Specialist

 December 4

Katrina Gile



Adrienne Parker


 December 15

Anne Bourne


 Feb 4

 Marsha Elves

Health Room

 September 7

Diane Knoll


 November 30

Karen Evenson


 April 9

Jennifer Vaughn



Kevin Folkman

Technology Specialist

January 5 

Shawna Carrigan



Jim Smith






Sue Ducharme

Education Assistant

 September 25

Judy Heasly

Education Assistant

 September 22

Denise Hsia

Education Assistant

September 10 

Debbie Job

Education Assistant


Kari Klosterman

Education Assistant

October 29 

Emily Lee

Education Assistant

June 26 

Dayna Nguyen

Education Assistant

July 3

Paula Parks

Education Assistant (Safety Patrol)

 November 3

Laura Scott

Education Assistant

February 19 

Kim Mitzel


March 3 

Sharon Yamamoto



Jessica Burles

Education Assistant  December 4

Deepa BalaSubramanium

Education Assistant August 9

Angie Ahlemeyer

Education Assistant July 21