Revised 8/22/2007

The Legislative Chair will work to keep the Executive Committee and membership appraised of key State and local legislative issues and seek the committee’s input if necessary. If appropriate, this may also require enlisting other members to help advocate for issues or building relationships outside of the PTSA in the community to work collaboratively on issues.

The Legislative Chair should:

  • Attend monthly EC/Board meetings as a member of the Executive Board.
  • Attend the Legislative Assembly usually held in October. The issues voted on should be presented to the Cascade Ridge PTSA members in a timely manner.
  • Provide contact information to the membership about city, state and county representatives, school board members, etc.
  • Make use of all PTSA communication tools, including the Coyote Howler newsletter and Coyote Yelp, to inform the community appropriately, within PDC limitations.

Other miscellaneous job requirements include:

  • Support the Issaquah Schools Foundation (ISF) to best of his/her ability.
  • Support the legislative needs of the PTSA.
  • During levy years, lead the way by example in helping do whatever it takes to pass the levies.
  • Pursue other training opportunities as appropriate, including: the Region 2 Conference and the State PTA Convention in the spring.
  • Loop back with the President and EVP about any conversations or agreements that have taken place with the Principal or other staff members to help ensure issues and questions are being consistently represented and addressed in the President/EVP meetings with the Principal.