Revised 8/22/2007

The Fifth Grade Committee Chairperson is a member of the Cascade Ridge PTSA Board of Directors and is responsible for the coordination of all PTSA activities related to fifth grade, the fifth grade committee, and helping Cascade Ridge staff with the coordination of Environmental Camp and Cast-Off. Chairperson acts as a liaison between PTSA and Administration/ASB. Chairperson shall attend the monthly Board meetings.

The Fifth Grade Committee Chairperson shall provide an agenda and preside at all meetings of the Fifth Grade Parent Committee, as well as, attend all EC/Board meetings and General Membership meetings.

The Fifth Grade Committee Chairperson oversees the following fifth grade committees:

  • Fifth Grade Treasurer
  • Fifth Grade Activities Chair
  • Cast-Off Ceremony Chair
  • Cast-Off Party Chair
  • Fifth Grade Camp Coordinator
  • Fifth Grade Communications
  • Fifth Grade Fundraising Chair
  • Fifth Grade In-Service Chair

In addition, the Fifth Grade Committee Chairperson will lead the Fifth Grade Committee to make sure their activities and those of the PTSA are well coordinated, as well as, facilitate coordination between PTSA and ASB under the leadership of the principal and 5th grade staff.

The Fifth Grade Committee Chairperson shall plan and coordinate a Fourth Grade Parent Informational Meeting in the spring – generally late April/early May. The goal of this meeting is to provide information to fourth grade parents about fifth grade activities, events, and Environmental Camp, and also to, solicit volunteers for the following school year’s Fifth Grade Committee.

Fifth Grade Treasurer

This volunteer maintains various financial records regarding the fifth grade students fundraising efforts to be credited to their Environmental Camp account.

Fifth Grade Activities Chair

This committee coordinates one or two Fifth Grade activities to build overall grade friendships prior to entry into Middle School. Ex: Fifth Grade Pizza and Movie Night. Volunteers assist with the planning an implementation of these events.

Cast-Off Ceremony Chair

This committee coordinates the Cast-Off Ceremony plans with the Fifth Grade staff, creates invitations, programs, photos, decorations, food & beverages, etc… Volunteers assist with planning and implementation.

Cast-Off Party Chair

This committee coordinates the Cast-Off Party plans with the Fifth Grade staff following guidelines provided by staff. Volunteers assist with planning and implementation.

Fifth Grade Camp Coordinator

This committee coordinates Environmental Camp with the Fifth Grade staff. Volunteers assist with planning and implementation.

Fifth Grade Communications

Chair is editor of Fifth Grade newsletter/e-news distributed approximately 3 times per school year to keep parents up to date on Fifth Grade events/activities. Provides information to the school’s website.

Fifth Grade Fundraising Chair

This committee selects and coordinates a Fifth Grade fundraising event which augments the PTSA’s two school-wide major fundraisers. Chair works with ASB and the principal to select and coordinate the event.

Fifth Grade In-Service Project Chair

The committee coordinates one Service Project performed by the Fifth Grade students.

Other miscellaneous job requirements include:

  • Support the Issaquah Schools Foundation (ISF) to best of his/her ability.
  • Support the legislative needs of the PTSA.
  • During levy years, lead the way by example in helping do whatever it takes to pass the levies.
  • Pursue other training opportunities as appropriate, including: the Region 2 Conference and the State PTA Convention in the spring.
  • Loop back with the President and EVP about any conversations or agreements that have taken place with the Principal or other staff members to help ensure issues and questions are being consistently represented and addressed in the President/EVP meetings with the Principal.