Cascade Ridge Color Run online auction is now open! 

Bidding will close at 5:45 P.M. the day of the Color Run Thursday, September 27th.  Support us by becoming a bidder and looking at what we have available. 

Click on this link:  {} and go to the Start Bidding button in the upper right corner. Enter your email and password if already registered for the Color Run or follow the instructions to complete your registration. If registered for Color Run your bidding name will be your child’s name, please do not change.

How To Bid

Now you can bid on packages anywhere, from your home to your office and even on the go! It is incredibly simple and designed to help you easily manage your bids. Follow the steps below and get started now!

  1. After registering, access the Online Bidding page by entering your username and password.
  2. Select the package you wish to bid on.
  3. Select Bid More, and choose your bid increment. 

Other options include setting your own maximum bid on packages, marking your favorite packages you are interested in, and Buy Now to immediately purchase the package. Finally, you can use the Bids area from the Menu button to see what packages you have bid on. You will receive a notification whenever you are outbid, ensuring that you always know what the status of your bids is. 

We have some fantastic items and packages thanks to our generous donors and local businesses.  We hope you enjoy browsing and bidding! 

**Please pick up items won in the Cascade Ridge Cafeteria at 6:15 P.M. on Color Run day, Thursday, September 27th.**


Shelly McGraw